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Launching: POByDesign™ Blog

We’re launching the POByDesign™ Blog with this post today.

More and more businesses have turned to agile methods and practices because… you want what Agile promise: optimized product value. But, many product management organisations are still looking for their return on their agile investments.

As leaders in the of Scrum and Agile community we’ve invested significant significantly in showing Scrum masters and coaches how to build, and work with, self-organizing teams. We’ve also invested very the software developer, developing practices and tools for software craftsmanship that will deliver quality results.

At times, thought it feels like many agilists have neglected your product owners and product managers and other product designers. It’s like we’ve taught Scrum Masters a little bit about facilitation, and we’ve taught developers a little bit about team-based coding practices, and then we’ve not done much more than wave our hands a bit and told the product owners to maintain a prioritised backlog.

We aim to change that with


Training and Coaching for Product Owners and Product Managers and other product folk. We help product people optimize the value of your product and the work of the development teams.


is PO training and coaching from Steve Holyer and Associates. We know some great community leaders.

We (Steve Holyer and Associates) will use this blog to let you know about the things that will help you optimise value with your teams.

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